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Atasan mould company was established in 2003 in Izmir for plastic injection mould production.

The company continued to develop with its successful works, customer-oriented quality system approach and technological investments. In 2013, it moved to the company building in Torbalı/Yazıbaşı.

It carries out customer-specific part design studies, mould design and production. It has achieved customer satisfaction by producing moulds with its error-free mould design approach and high quality steels used.

By increasing the number of plastic injection moulding machines over the years, it has become capable of mass production. In 2014, Atasan Plastik and Trade company was established.

Company produces moulds and plastic parts for the automotive sector, white goods, energy, market and health sectors.

Since 2016, ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and
In 2024, it has ISO 45001 Environmental Management System and ISO 14001

Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates.
As a company, it continues to work for a Sustainable World, based on the principles of Social Responsibility.